Friday, June 15, 2012

HANG ON: A Few YW Camp Highlights

What an AMAZING time we had!  Our only sorrow: that there were girls we wished were there with us!

The theme for Camp this year was "Hang On", D&C 121:7-9... very uplifting!

This year at Camp we had a small, but mighty Albany Branch in attendance.  Jenna was a YCL this year, with Zane and Ellen attending the 4th Year Canoe Trip with Sis. Smith, and Sarah and Sariah as 2nd Years back at Camp with Sis. Haddock.  We all had a blast! 
Our flag was ADORABLE, as were our shirts.  Everyone else was stuck on a monkey theme.  Owls definitely rocked at Camp this year!  Our small group made new friends with the other 2nd and 4th Years, YCLs, and some amazing leaders.  And our skits were stand-outs. 

Our 4th Years sang a beautiful song, entitled "Down To the River To Pray".  These ladies have some amazing pipes.  It was truly inspiring! I wish we had a video of THEM singing.  Here 's a YouTube of this gorgeous song.

Those of us back at Camp did something a little less spiritual...  We decided that humor was the way to go.  We need to make a video of this, as well... basically the girls laid on a table on their backs, hung their heads upside down over the side and sang.  Their chins became faces, complete with googly eyes.  Here's a pic of Sariah and Jenna (sans eyes), with Sis. Haddock under the table as Jenna's "hands".  Very silly...

Sariah won the "Sunshine" Award for being the friendliest at Camp on Day 2!  We were so proud of her!

Sarah proved she has some MEAN cleaning skills at every chore time.  And that she is a serious CARD SHARK!  Watch out for that one! 

Jenna is an amazing Youth Leader and has some serious camp skills!  And she LOVES Sis Haddock's hugs!  LOL.  Oh, and she almost DIED with a serious WEDGIE!  Ask her about it! ;)

Zane was brave-ish, except for her near drowning experience (where she nearly drowned Ellen, as well).  She worked hard and survived the Canoe Trip, all smiles!

Ellen loved her first year of Camp and did some really cool things on the Canoe Trip.  We were so glad to get some bonding time with her!   What an amazing girl!

Sis. Smith is awesome for going and SURVIVING the Canoe Trip!  Woohoo!  She's such a great leader!  We love her!

Sis. Haddock has proven that she is as goofy as she professes to be.  She was a dancing fool at Camp this year.  If only the video of her dancing skills could have uploaded on our blog!  Here's a link to her FB page, where you can check it out for yourselves...!/amie.haddock

We'll get some more stuff posted soon!  Just know it was SO MUCH FUN!!! We CANNOT wait till next year!

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